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Collaborating with my photography clients is an essential part of my process as a photographer. I believe that the best photographs are created when the photographer and client work together to achieve a shared vision.

To begin the collaboration process, I always start with a video call. During this call I am able to ask them all about their goals and vision for the shoot. I listen carefully to their ideas and work with them to create a plan that will bring their vision to life. I strive to create a collaborative and supportive environment that allows my clients to feel comfortable, confident, and excited about their photo shoot.

Throughout the shoot, I encourage my clients to be actively involved in the process. I offer guidance and suggestions, but I also welcome their input and ideas. I believe that this collaborative approach allows us to create photographs that are truly unique and personalized.

After the shoot, I continue to collaborate with my clients during the editing process. I share previews of the photographs with them and welcome their feedback and input. This ensures that they are completely happy with the final photographs they receive and they are exactly what they were hoping for!

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