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90% of the business owners I’ve met dislike showing their face on social media and/or getting photos taken of themselves.

Why do these amazing business owners feel like they want to hide their faces?
🔵 Does it feels safe?
🔵 Do they feel like they don’t have nice photos to share?
🔵 Do they feel self-conscious?
🔵 Do they feel overwhelmed about posting?

In my 12 years of experience as a portrait photographer, I have never heard a good reason for not getting professional photos done…I’ve only heard excuses.

❓What are the excuses you use that stop yourself from investing in professional photos?

⚠️ You’re excuses are hurting your business!

A major way to build brand awareness and loyalty is to connect with your audience. That connection can’t happen if they don’t know who you are! People want to connect with YOU, not just your product or service.

⭐️ You NEED to share your story!

Show your audience
✨ Who you are
✨ What you value
✨ What you are doing that’s unique
✨ Why they should support you

You have a story like no one else? You have an amazing story that we want to hear!

🤩 BE BRAVE and step into the spotlight!

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