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This stunning bathtub photoshoot at a beautiful home in Palo Alto was absolutely stunning and I loved every minute of it! This bathroom was the most bright and beautiful bathroom I’ve ever stepped foot in! Natural morning light poured in and gave the room a fresh and airy feeling.

This bathtub definitely stood out as the centerpiece of this bathroom and I knew it was going to be a perfect backdrop! Carla chose the perfect white dress that brilliantly complimented the scene. As the bathtub filled with water, I began to cut the flowers and place them in the water. (The day before I had gone to Trader Joes and bought a cartful of flowers.) Very quickly I knew I didn’t buy enough! I was really surprised how small the large amount of flowers I had looked once placed in the tub. But we had to make do with what we had.

Something I did not expect and that surprised/bothered me was how the flowers kept flipping upside down. I don’t think there was anything we could do to prevent this, but it did take a good amount of time to get set up for certain shots. Carla was such a trooper to sit or lay still in the water as I turned over each flower to face up.

One thing that ended up being really helpful to have, was a colander. It helped prop up Carlas head when she was laying down in the bath and it was also helped to scoop out the flowers before draining the water (trust me, clogged drains from bits of flowers would not be fun!)

Overall, the bathtub photoshoot was an absolutely magical experience! Everything came together pretty seamlessly and I’m ecstatic about the final outcome!

Have you done a bathtub shoot before? What were your takeaways and things that helped you during the process? I’d love to hear from you!

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