How it Began

I first fell in love with photography as a child while snapping photos with my grandma’s polaroid camera. I loved the click of the camera and reeling sound as it spit out the film. It was like magic watching the image slowly develop into a clear and colorful photograph.

In high school, I took a photography class and again was in awe of the magic of developing film in the darkroom. 

When nearing high school graduation, I had many limiting beliefs that I couldn’t “make it” as a photographer, so I decided to get a “real” degree and trained to become a physical therapy assistant. After college graduation, I began working as a PTA, but continued to grow my love and skills in photography.

In the Middle

After having my 2nd child, I left physical therapy to focus on raising my kids and building my photography business.

For 10 years I grew in my skills and confidence as a photographer. During those years, I photographed many special people and moments. It was absolutely wonderful, but I always felt like I was just a “hobbyist” photographer. 

Then in 2021 all three of my kids were finally in school full time and I decided it was time to focus on my dreams and what I wanted!  I knew I wanted to make my business bigger than it had been. So, I hired a business coach and started learning more about running a business.

5 Reasons You should hire a Professional Photographer

Today and Beyond

Everyday I work hard towards my dream.

3 things I want:

  1. I want to share joy, happiness and light with others through photography.
  2. I want to help people document their special moments and freeze those moments for them to remember.
  3. I want everyone to see their uniqueness and beauty in every image.

2 goals I am working towards:

  1. Start photographing for dance brands.
  2. Having my own beautiful, bright, natural light studio in the next 5 years.

1 thing I believe to be true:

  1. Everyone deserves to have beautiful pictures.